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Division of 研究 and Economic Development

The Division of 研究 and Economic Development at Jackson State University is the conduit for the university’s interactions with the 当地的 community, 状态, 国家, and the world in the area of sponsored programs.  The achievements of the university’s faculty, 教职员及学生, along with the expertise of the university’s scholars are shared with the broader community. 本司创造, promotes and supports a research environment by helping faculty, 教职员及学生 identify opportunities and secure externally funded grants, contracts and cooperative agreements.

The Division supports the President’s Office in identifying and acquiring resources for special initiatives to advance the mission of the university.  It works in collaboration with all divisions and units to promote JSU’s vision. Administrative oversight within the Office includes the areas of 赞助项目, 研究合规, 技术转让 and Commercialization, federal congressional initiatives, and other research and development strategic initiatives.

The Division will serve as a leader in promoting excellence among all university scholars and be recognized as a model in developing multidisciplinary collaborations throughout the campus, 当地的, 国家, and inter国家 communities.  To promote innovation, academic entrepreneurship and scholarly engagement, and to increase research and development, the Office will be redesigned with a focus on service to the university and its scholars.

Administrative staff will increase engagement with program officers and funding agencies, build strategic alliances and collaborations, develop a closer relationship with faculty researchers, and highlight the work of student/faculty research teams. The staff will establish a transparent pipeline of the entire proposal development and project management process, from concept development and proposal submission to project implementation and research sustainability.

研究 Administration

To really succeed in any area of research, you need supporters who believe in you. JSU’s Office of 研究 and Economic Development is here to help you with securing funding, finding opportunities, and bringing your work to the public.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIEED) leverages the best of JSU’s STEM, 业务, and entrepreneurial capabilities to help solve some of society’s most pressing problems. By pairing our researchers with entrepreneurs, 设计师, 和企业, we help you bring your inventions to life.

Division of 研究 and Economic Development


Division of 研究 and Economic Development
Administration Tower, 6th Floor
1400 J.R. 林奇街,
杰克逊,MS 39217-0280